Hi! I’m Mahangu, and you’ve reached my home on the web, my personal website. I live in Colombo, Sri Lanka, with my wife Anya, and our two doges extraordinaire, Sirius and Vega. 

Why now?

This website runs on WordPress.com, using the Gutenberg plugin, which is basically the next generation editor for WordPress. Gutenberg is a major departure from the previous WordPress editing experience, and is a huge step forward for making publishing online more accessible.

Basically, Gutenberg allows each page to be made up of content blocks, which can be moved around very easily, making it very straightforward to create pretty much any layout you want, and that’s basically what led me to start creating a personal homepage again, after a gap of over a decade.

And food, like this amazing Ramen being made at Tsuta.

And also, about WordPress.